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Lezione di Cinema: Il futuro della pellicola

Lezione di Cinema: Il futuro della pellicola  is an important roundtable discussion on the current status and future possibilities of motion picture film that took place at the annual Il Cinema Retrovato  event held by Cineteca di Bologna, Italy on July 1, 2015.

A strong theme that emerges from the colloquium is the desire for co-existence of film and digital media. The Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film / FIAF, in a written statement of support, advocated this bilateral approach as key to the future of both mediums.

Among the many topics covered are:

– the important, distinctive nature of film projection – avoiding taking an ideological stance in relation to different media – funding of archives – one major studio’s approach to current archival practice – ongoing interest on the part of young people in film as a medium – the importance of education in film and film history – framing discussion in terms of what people want, rather than solely on opinions about what can or cannot be done – film and digital media as active, ever-changing formats – the human quality of film – manufacturers’ responses to a changing market
– audience education –


Moderated by: Scott Foundas, Chief Film Critic, Variety


00:02:28    Gian Luca Farinelli, Director, Cineteca di Bologna  [fr]

00:07:45    Rachael Stoeltje, Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive; FIAF
00:12:50    FIAF Statement

00:15:20    Pietro Marcello, Filmmaker  [it]
00:19:45    Communication from ORWO
00:20:25    Alexander Payne, Filmmaker
00:23:40    Nicola Mazzanti, Director, Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique

00:32:30    Eric Le Roy, Head of Access Services, Archives Françaises du Film,
                         Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée / CNC  [fr]  also 00:47:50
00:37:20    Grover Crisp, Senior Vice-President Asset Management, Film Restoration &
                         Digital Mastering, Sony Pictures  also 00:58:05
00:49:05    Gabe Klinger, Critic and Filmmaker

00:59:55    Michael Pogorzelski, Director, Academy Film Archive  also 01:09:45
01:02:45    José Manuel Costa, Director, Cinemateca Portuguesa /
                         Museu Do Cinema  also 01:12:50
01:16:30    Jonathan Nossiter, Filmmaker

01:27:07    Renato Berta, Cinematographer  [it]
01:38:05    Christian Richter, Film Laboratory & Studio Relations Manager,
                         Eastman Kodak

01:47:55    Discussion

Reproduced by kind permission of Cineteca di Bologna and
Fédération Internationale des Archives du Film / FIAF