FATF In Pittsburgh (AMIA Conference 2016)

Hello film-world!

It has been a moment since our last post, and for those of you who don’t know who we are and what we do…

The Film Advocacy Task Force

  • Promotes information on and access to motion picture film as a production, exhibition, and preservation format
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for all things related to film advocacy
  • Creates and facilitates education programs for K-12, college, public, and film enthusiasts
  • Maintains direct lines of communication among film archives, exhibitors, laboratories, educators, and filmmakers

…and lastly, we are an online resource! Consider filmadvocacy.org officially back in action for the 2016 AMIA Conference in Pittsburgh.


FATF is looking forward to seeing everyone in Pittsburgh! Here are a few places you can find us at the conference:

  • Wednesday 11/9  6:00p    Networking & First-Timer Event
  • Thursday 11/10   8:30a    Action for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in AMIA
  • Saturday 11/12   8:50a      Lightning Talks: Projects We’re Working On
  • Saturday 11/12   4:45p      FTH: The New Old Curriculum: Why 20th Century Archiving Techniques Matter in the 21st Century        


See you there!

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