What We’re About

The AMIA Film Advocacy Task Force, recognizing the historical importance and stability of film as a medium, explores ways to promote, encourage and facilitate the use of motion picture film and fortify the relationship between archives and repositories and film users.


Promotes information on and access to motion picture film as a production, exhibition, and preservation format

Acts as a clearinghouse for all things related to film advocacy

Creates and facilitates education programs for K-12, college, public, and film enthusiasts

Maintains direct lines of communication among film archives, exhibitors, laboratories, educators, and filmmakers


FATF @ ALA 2015 IMG_1006 MOD

FATF Outreach @ American Library Association 2015
Image: Antonella Bonfanti
Pictured above: Outreach is a focus of our activities as we seek to ensure access to film prints for programming and projection in exhibition and education venues, and to film stock for production and preservation.


+ Updated July 16, 2015

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