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FILM | MAKER: Where the connection between Film and Craft – the satisfaction that comes from working with physical material – is highlighted and explored

Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.
– Leonardo da Vinci.


The following articles give context to this thinking and are intended to promote awareness and further inquiry.
Crafting a New World by Suzanne Ramljak, American Craft, Jan-Feb 2010
[Quote] Sociologist Richard Sennett explains how working with our hands enhances critical thinking, radicalizes labor, and makes us proud
Film – Is There a Future in Our Past? (The Afterlife of Latent Images) by Rick Hancox, INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, Issue Number One, Fall 2008-Spring 2009
The Hand: at the Heart of Craft by Bruce Metcalf, American Craft, August/September 2000, Volume 60, Number 4
Is Film Dead? An Interview with Steve Cossman by Tara D Kelley, Reap Mediazine
Note: Article listed on webpage under ‘Interviews’
Another version of this article is also available on this website
The Case for Working With Your Hands by Matthew B Crawford, The New York Times, May 21, 2009
Working with your hands: the secret to happiness?, Oliver Burkeman, The Guardian, May 8, 2010
(Further commentary on The Case for Working With Your Hands)

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