A documentary that explores why and how we engage with film as a physical object and experience – why we watch it, why we create with it, why we teach with it, why we preserve it. Through interviews with people who view and handle film every day – projectionists, archivists, lab technicians, techs, programmers and academics – we reveal why they continue to choose film.

This project is a wide-ranging testimony to the relevance of the medium to everyone from asset managers to scientists to the regular moviegoer. Our aim is to create a powerful message about Film and its purpose as art, technology and business.

Once complete, WHY WE FILM will be available on 16mm film for distribution and exhibition.


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Thank you for your continued support for WHY WE FILM, and we further extend ongoing thanks and appreciation to the following companies for their generous donation of materials and services:

●  Kodak

●  Panavision

●  Cinema Arts

●  Video & Film Solutions   and

●  Chace Audio
+ Updated September 18, 2015


  1. Ron Merk says:

    Just wanted to commend your work on Why We Film and let you know that I’m posting an article on Indieplex Online Magazine about your project.

    Ron Merk, Editor in Chief

  2. FATF Resources says:

    Many thanks indeed Ron!

    We look forward to seeing it!

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