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  1. Richard Hadfield says:

    Here’s the name of another lab that offers a different type of processing. There is a limit to the length of the roll that they can process.

    • FATF Resources says:

      Richard, thanks so much for this – now added. We very much appreciate further updates here, or to info(at)filmadvocacy(dot) org. Many thanks again!

  2. Buck Bito says:

    I thought I recalled this list being plain HTML. I came today to copy a phone number from it and found the list in a strange PDF format that is inaccessible to Firefox’s “Find” tool and once the desired entry was found by scrolling through, I couldn’t copy the text to the clipboard.
    Couldn’t this list simply be a separate DIV for each entry and BRs to separate the lines?
    It seems like it would then be crawled by Google, etc., be searchable and be copy-and-paste-able.
    I understand that it may be useful for some to download and store a PDF, but the way things are shaking up throughout the industry, a downloaded PDF is likely to be out of date quickly (e.g. AlphaCine – RIP).
    Thanks for the resource, but please make it more accessible.

    • FATF Resources says:

      Buck, many thanks for this important feedback, which we greatly appreciate.

      You are correct that we initially presented this information in HTML format; however regrettably we experienced problems with hyperlinks and also found the layout and usability restrictive.

      We regret the problems you have had with both the Find and Copy / Paste functions, which we think may be due to the Google Docs Viewer plug-in.

      Update: We have tested other file formats and, regrettably, it seems that the Search and Copy / Paste functions are available only when the document is downloaded, and not when displayed directly on the page. We hope this is not a great inconvenience.

      Update: We have now added a link to a HTML version of this information below the Google Docs Viewer window. We hope this is functional across different browsers – please let us know in case there is any further difficulty. This method also addresses layout and other issues. If successful, we will apply it to the other Lists in this section.

      Regarding Updates, Lists are amended as we become aware of changes. Although we have our own leads for information, we do encourage feedback either here, via our Facebook page or by email to

      We hope this helps, and thanks so much again for your valuable feedback.

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