Further Reading – Technology & Philosophy

The following resources come from across the field, concentrating on issues of emerging technology and philosophy.

We are currently looking to expand our reading lists, so please feel free to suggest additional resources to  info@filmadvocacy.org!

  • Grace, Lindsay. “The Philosophies of Software.” Chapter 19 in Handbook of Research on Computational Arts and Creative Informatics (IGI Global, 2009, pp. 326-342).

    An analysis of the philosophies and assumptions underlying computer software. Important, critical limitations of binary technologies are referenced, such as reliance on Analogy and inherent Reductivism.

  • Stoddard, Matthew. “Film Heritage and the Cinematic Common.” Angelaki: Journal of Theoretical Humanities (Volume 18, Issue 4, 2013 pp. 179-194).

    The author advances concepts of the Cinematic Common – the understanding that Film is the shared property of Humanity and a common resource. Cinema is examined through the prism of social relations and labor theory in order to deepen academic understanding of Film Heritage.




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