Project Film

Project Film is a Task Force initiative to create resources for those wishing to use motion picture film as a production, preservation and exhibition format. We want to make sure that filmmakers, archivists and exhibitors have accurate information about their options! This includes tutorials on maintaining 35mm exhibition in the digital age and an interactive website with practical information on topics ranging from where to find 35mm prints for programming to classroom-projector maintenance.

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  1. Eric Richard says:

    Hello, I work as a booth director in the Houston area for a film exhibitor. I maintain 3 working 35mm projectors as well as a 15/70 IMAX film projector. I am always looking for ways to show film, but usually not successful. Should anyone have use for our equipment please let them know as I would love to use the equipment anytime! Thanks

  2. Stephen Lowe says:

    Dear Eric,
    Can you tell me where you are as I would love to learn about Imax.

    Yours Faithfully
    Stephen Lowe

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