Survey Analysis

Sincere thanks to all those who gave of their time and expertise to contribute to this Survey.

Summary Conclusions

The results indicate:

  • A clear demand for ongoing print availability, accompanied by a strong desire for knowledge relating to archival print handling and projection practices
  • A need for greatly improved access to training
  • Very high level of 35mm retention: strong ongoing commitment to Film projection and the medium of Film in general
  • Considerable potential for increased 16mm exhibition
  • A clear prevalence of twin-projector changeover operation
  • Funding of digital video facilities carried out independently
  • Commonly-held perceptions that funding arrangements for digital video installation mandate the removal of 35mm projection equipment do not appear to be true within the context of the survey sample
  • Most venues seem able to accommodate both Film and digital video without difficulty
  • There is a high level of technical support, although a significant minority do not use Techs
  • Film-related concerns focus on print condition, quality and equipment servicing
  • Digital video concerns are around upgrade issues / costs, reliability, and maintenance costs


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